Dental Fees and Offers

Here at Crewe Dental Care we offer competitive and affordable treatment fees including a number of flexible finance options and treatment plans suited to you. Speak to our friendly team to find out more about what we can offer to ensure you enjoy 

a first-class dental experince with us.

Payment Options

General Dentistry 

Service Price
New patient dental examination (including any necessary X-Rays) £40.00
Scale & Polish Treatment £60.00
Extraction - Anterior (includes aftercare) From £200.00
Extraction - Posterior (includes aftercare) From £220.00
Extraction - Surgical (includes aftercare) From £260.00
Perio per visit from £69.00
Composite Filling (1 surface) £160.00
Composite Filling (2 surfaces) £170.00
Composite Filling (3 surfaces) £190.00
Amalgam Filling (1 surface) £100.00
Amalgam Filling (2 surfaces) £120.00
Amalgam Filling (3 surfaces) £150.00
Glass Lonomer Filling (1 surface) £100.00
Glass Lonomer Filling (2 surfaces) £120.00
Glass Lonomer Filling (3 surfaces) £150.00
Root Canal - Anterior £400
Root Canal - Premolar from £450.00
Root Canal - Molar £540.00
Crown & Porcelain Veneer (Emax) from £600
Crown & Porcelain Veneer (Zirconia) £690.00
Porcelain Veneer & Crowns - Zirconia £690.00
Porcelain Bonded Crowns from £600.00
Gold Crowns (Dependent on Gold Value) from £690.00
Inlay - Porcelain from £490.00
Inlay - Composite £390.00
Denture - Partial from £690 To £890.00 Per Arch
Denture - Full from £850 To £950.00 Per Arch
Denture - Full /Full £1,400.00
Denture - Cobalt Chrome from £1,100.00 Per Arc
Bridge from £700.00

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Service Price
Dental Implant - Consultation £50.00
Dental Implant From £2500.00 per implant
2 Composite Veneers from£700.00
4 Composite Veneers from £1400.00
6 Composite Veneers from £2300.00
8 Composite Veneers from £2900.00
Teeth Whitening £360
Orthodontics- Fixed braces Price on consultation
Orthodontics- Clear Aligners Price on consultation


The fees may alter throughout your treatment or as a result of x-rays, but we will inform you of any significant changes to cost. Our fees reflect the high quality of the services we offer.

Before proceeding with any treatment plan, we always explain and discuss all the options available to you. In addition to this, we will also clearly outline the costs involved. Only when you are happy to proceed with all or part of your treatment do we start to arrange appointments.

Payment is made at each visit of treatment received that day. We are happy to discuss spreading the cost over a period or over a few instalments if needs be.

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