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Fees & Offers

Fee Guide from July 2019

The fees may alter as your treatment progresses or as a result of x-rays, but we will inform you of any significant change.

The fees in our centre reflect the high quality of services we offer using the latest technological skills.

Examination (including any necessary X-Rays)   £40.00
Perio Per Visit   £69.00
Composite 1 Surface £120.00
  2 Surface £150.00
  3 Surface £190.00
Amalgam 1 Surface £89.00
  2 Surface £120.00
  3 Surface £150.00
Glass Lonomer 1 Surface £90.00
  2 Surface £120.00
  3 Surface £150.00
Root Canal
Anteriors 3 To 3 £269.00
Premolars   £350.00
Molars   £525.00
Anterior   £160.00
Posterior   £200.00
Surgical Extractions From £240.00
With Sedationist   £350.00
Porcelain Veneer   £590.00
Porcelain Veneer & Crowns - Emax   £590.00
Porcelain Veneer & Crowns - Zirconia   £690.00
Porcelain Bonded Crowns   £490.00
Gold Crowns (Dependent on Gold Value) From £690.00
Porcelain   £490.00
Composite   £390.00
Partial From £690 To £890.00 Per Arch
Full From £850 To £950.00 Per Arch
Full/Full   £1,400.00
Cobalt Chrome Denture From £1,100.00 Per Arch

You pay only for what you have done. i.e. there is no monthly payment scheme.

All treatment plans are fully explained and discussed with you, including all your options of different treatments, together with costs of the various items.

Only when you are happy to proceed with all or part of your treatment do we start to arrange appointments.

Payment is made at each visit for treatment received at that visit. This allows payment to be staggered. We are also happy to discuss spreading the cost over a period of time or over a few instalments.